Create. Build. Protect.

Creating, Building, and Protecting Brands
For Clients Whose Only Option is To Win

We will help you win in ways you haven’t yet imagined.
Billy Vassiliadis, CEO R&R Partners


we came from politics.

when you are in political campaign you are up against it all the time.

in political campaigns you are side by side with the candidate and they are
staring at you looking for you to deliver the votes and the ticker-tape parade.

political campaigns demand spot-on messaging and the expertise to leverage
the power of every tool of persuasion in the tool box.

we are independent and the partners are here every day, actually working.

we care.

we tell it like it is even when telling it like it is means a
client walking out the front door.

we watch your bottom line, strike that, we live your bottom line.

we believe that ideas can come from anywhere and that means you –
just because you're a client doesn't mean you don't have ideas.

We Are Different.

If you can imagine a force of nature
comprised of free thinkers, technicians,
visionaries, problem solvers, fighters,
artists, and just plain doers all focused
on a problem and ready to take on the
world for their client, well you can at
least imagine us. R&R Partners