It's a desert out there

Southern Nevada is facing the worst drought ever. There’s never been a more important time to drive home the value of water. So we worked with the Southern Nevada Water Authority to create a campaign laser targeting the people who wasted the most water: the average male homeowner.

Wherever he was, that’s where we were. Sports and comedy TV, sports and comedy talk radio, gas pump toppers, coasters in local bars, a sponsorship with UNLV's Thomas & Mack Center, giveaways at local Monday Night Football events. All of this during the two-week watering-clock reset period.

We hit Average Joe over the head with the message. We hit him hard, we hit often, and occasionally, we hit below the belt to show him just how painful not saving would be.

It's A Desert Out There

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Prior to the launch of the campaign, Las Vegas was using more than 300 million gallons of water per day (MGD). Following the launch of the campaign, water usage dropped by 22 percent to approximately 240 MGD. A survey of our target audience showed that 68 percent specifically recalled the television ads and 83 percent correctly identified the number of days for winter irrigation, which was up from a measly 38 percent before the campaign ran. An impressive 87 percent reported that they changed their sprinkler clocks for the winter schedule. More than 1 billion gallons of water saved since the campaign launch. Also, the ads appeared on TBS’ Best Spots.

The drought continues, but the community keeps on saving, thanks to this hard-hitting campaign.