LVMPD Protect the City

Just like any other major police department, Las Vegas Metro needed more recruits. But with all the career choices that are available nowadays, how do you convince someone that they should enter a profession that involves danger?

The creative strategy in the past had been something along the lines of “Join the force, because it’s a great career,” accompanied by pictures of smiling police officers. This approach didn’t seem strong enough to get people to consider a profession that required them to risk their lives. People needed to feel inspired. There needed to be a focus on the intrinsic value of the job and the true benefits to the community.

Since police officers are often referred to as everyday heroes, we decided they needed to be portrayed that way.

After more than 100 years as the electric utility for the state of Nevada, the energy crisis of the late 1990s and early 21st century had taken its toll, leaving them with a less-than-stellar reputation.

R&R Partners recommended a fresh start – with a rebranding campaign that sought to position NV Energy as not just a power company, but as an agent of change for Nevada’s energy future, on behalf of all Nevadans.

The LVMPD made the call and the work delivered. The response was overwhelming; applications to the department increased 122 percent within the first six months of the campaign. In the end, Metro was able to get the recruits they needed to protect the city.