Prince Harry Project

Everyone heard about it. The prince hits Vegas hard with a party in tow. Cheeky pictures are released. The queen is aghast. Sounds fun right? But the headlines for our client go like this – “What Happens in Vegas, Doesn’t Stay There Anymore.” It’s one of those moments where a pop icon quickly becomes the big joke and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority’s bread and butter is the butt of it. So, how do you turn a million bad headlines into millions of believers? You call for action. And that is what we did.

We decried the people who posted the photos and we asked our loyal followers to join us. We warned the world that if you’re going to break the code, you might be ostracized by those who believe in the tagline – the Vegas core, you know, the fun people. No one wants to play with a snitch.

And it worked ... with stories in almost every national media outlet.

And we’ve continued to be part of the discussion. We lashed out against social companies that would release Vegas information to the NSA ... companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft. We continued to have fun with the royals as well by inviting the new princely baby to Vegas for his 21st birthday party even though it’s 21 years away. We’ve even done up the invitations.

To date, our social/PR efforts have garnered over 327 million impressions and over $34 million PR value. Not bad for one wild night.