They're Your Vacation Days —
Take 'Em

Creating relevant campaigns for the times is just one of the many ways R&R works to protect and build the brand of Las Vegas. When unemployment rates were soaring, many employed people felt lucky to have jobs. And there was some concern that taking a vacation would be frowned upon. This is where a Vegas trip is the best medicine. One, it doesn’t require a big commitment – most trips to Vegas average three days. Two, it can be done inexpensively with low-°©‐cost hotel rooms during the week.

We wanted to let people know it was OK, even necessary, to take those vacation days. Those days belong to them ... and they need to take them back. In addition to television, we enlisted a microsite, Web films, nontraditional, even protestors in Times Square to get the message to the masses.

And it worked to the tune of higher visitation during months that are notoriously low, a mention in The New York Times and extended coverage on morning shows. But most of all, Las Vegas continues to reach out past regular visitors to a whole new customer with a traditional vacation in mind.