Vegas Protects The Moment

Protecting the LVCVA Brand Through Brand Defenders

The Rub

After nearly 10 years, the allure of the “What happens here, stays here” campaign – a campaign built around the idea of NOT sharing a Las Vegas experience – is still going strong. But in talking to visitors, we started to see some chinks in the armor … notably the continued growth of sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a whole host of other social sites. How can the explosion of sharing live side-by-side with a brand built on not sharing?

The How

Use the power of social media, the medium that is currently eroding the brand, to convince our visitors to share the “right” Las Vegas experiences – just not all of them. Build from the strength of the brand and the concept at the core of its message. In short, give them permission to share the best of the destination, all the while keeping their personal What happens here, stays here moments strictly to themselves. It came together in a campaign called “Know the Code. Protect the Moment.”

The Work

The work is based on the idea that the only thing more powerful than a written rule … is an unwritten rule. In this case, the tacit understanding among our visitors to keep those special Las Vegas moments private. Visitors were encouraged to “Know the Code” and at the same time, “Protect the Moment. Those who broke the code were identified on the Web and in real time, making the What happens here, stays here mystique more tangible and part of a real conversation. We created defenders of the brand with #knowthecode on Twitter. Vegas even decried the person who released the photos of Prince Harry, defending Harry’s right to do whatever he wants to in Las Vegas. And more recently, Vegas became a voice in the privacy issues raised by the NSA – asking the social media companies to keep Vegas moments safe from prying eyes.

The Results

Lots of people started talking about staying quiet – more than 5.5 million impressions via Twitter, 32,000 engagements and more than 17,000 new followers. And the hashtag knowthecode was used almost 30,000 times and is still being used today. To date, almost 100,000 people have signed, agreeing to Protect the Moment. The media noticed too, as we garnered 61 million publicity impressions valued at more than $4.8 million.

By focusing on the fact that certain things about Las Vegas can’t be discussed, we’ve created a movement that guarantees many of the right things are. Best of all, Protect the Moment is evergreen. It can be deployed at any time by playing off a news story with a Facebook post, sending a press release about a privacy issue or buying an ad. By becoming a voice in the conversation, we are protecting the LVCVA brand and creating brand ambassadors in the process.