On August 2, 2018, the R&R media team attended the annual LVIMA Digital Planning Day in Las Vegas. This event is dedicated to industry leaders who get the chance to educate the community on the latest trends using 10-minute TED-talk-style presentations.

Artificial Intelligence

A topic that was frequently touched on this year was artificial intelligence (AI) and how it is going to transform our media landscape. Presenters talked about where we started as an industry and where we are now; the future of sports, self-driving cars, voice and even the future of the IPhone. You can practically do anything using your smartphone, and the future of these devices will only become more advanced. As AI continues to grow, learn and advance, our world will continue to be a digital one. AI will probably know when we are low on eggs, and have some sent in an hour (looking at you, Amazon).

Location Attribution

Another big topic that was discussed at Digital Planning Day was location attribution. The way that advertisers target consumers using location data grows every single day. Our phones and devices track our digital footprint everywhere we go. If you’re at the Starbucks on Town Center and Charleston, your phone’s location signals are being sent back to a data management platform (DMP), and that location data will be used to strategically categorize you as a “coffee lover.” A few of the partners even discussed the importance of implementing a location attribution partner to effectively use mobile ads, and track offline incremental visits to your clients business.

Advanced TV

Another popular topic that most of the partners touched on was advanced TV. Television is evolving every day, including advancements in the way it is consumed, bought and targeted. Traditional TV is now national linear, local linear, addressable linear, video on demand and live streaming. Marketers can target using first-party data segments and audiences beyond age and gender.

Brand Safety

Lastly, LVIMA touched on everyone’s favorite topic, brand safety. We all know how important it is to make sure that brand safety is a top priority when planning out media KPIs. I think we really need to challenge ourselves as an agency to ensure that we are promoting brand safety to our clients, and making sure that we’re implementing brand safety KPIs in our campaigns to ensure our ads are viewable, safe and being served to real people.

If you need more info on any of the above topics discussed at Digital Planning Day – reach out to your favorite media and publishing employee or your favorite digital media rep.