Inspiring African-American and Latino millennials to cast their vote.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee wanted to activate African-American and Latino millennial voters. They knew that if they could reach out with a powerful message it would inspire this vital and growing part of the electorate.

How We Did It The strategy.

R&R took on this critical issue with a straightforward approach. First, go where the target audience is – social. Second, don’t start a new conversation; join an active one where we can make an impact. Next, use public relations connections to ignite influencers. Finally, design an authentic message that resonates and breaks through the clutter.

The Work

research : strategy : digital : social : public relations
The Results are in.

This beautiful work quickly earned more than 3.6 million media impressions. Rapper and cause-oriented influencer, Common, was so moved by the work that he spontaneously posted it to his Twitter account encouraging his followers to get on board. And they did!


earned media impressions


rapper unleashed