Paving the road to a $1 billion electric vehicle plant.

As an American start-up focused on the development of intelligent electric vehicles, Faraday Future was considering four sites for its billion-dollar facility: California, Louisiana, Georgia and Nevada. Being selected would be a boon for the state—bringing an increase in jobs, an infusion of millions into the local economy, and promoting the region as a supporter of innovation and technology.

After visiting each state, Faraday set its sights on the city of North Las Vegas—contingent on the state legislature passing an incentive package with a favorable tax deal to seal the agreement. Faraday tapped R&R Partners to navigate the complex governmental affairs process that included negotiations with the state, the city of North Las Vegas, and bringing all sides together to support the historic deal.

How We Did It The strategy.

With a relationship-first approach, R&R met extensively with the city of North Las Vegas to define the needs of the city and its major stakeholders. We facilitated negotiations with the unions to ensure we’d have Democratic support for passing the needed tax legislation, and resolved transparency issues to make sure we had Republican support. We also worked with the Southern Nevada Water Authority to negotiate water issues in the development of the infrastructure.

Another pillar of our work was educating Faraday executives about Nevada politics and how to avoid political vulnerabilities. This effort was supported by media training and a messaging platform to help executives effectively communicate their positions. The final step was lobbying the Legislature to make sure we passed the necessary bills. The rest, as they say, is in the rearview mirror.

The Work

research : strategy : public relations : government affairs
The Results are in.

A big win. Once the votes were counted, R&R had successfully campaigned the Legislature to pass all the required bills. News of the new manufacturing site created an industrywide buzz for Faraday Futures just before it unveiled its long-awaited concept car at CES.

manufacturing site approved