Moving quickly to get the MRJ-90 program off the ground.

Mitsubishi had a date with destiny. The world would be watching as a built-from-scratch airplane weighing 85,000 lbs. was hurled into the air for the first time. Our job was simple: Get as many people as possible to watch it happen.

How We Did It The solution.

Many national airlines have upgraded their larger long-distance planes, but have a fleet of increasingly aging regional jets that leave customers cramped and wanting for more. Mitsubishi saw an opportunity in the market and created a new category of regional jet that overhauled the pilot and crew experience and gave fliers a more luxurious in-air experience. So, we started by researching the international target customers for this plane and created a brand platform and positioning that would resonate with them—beyond the basics of fuel savings that dominate the buying conversation. Since there were no visualizations of the plane available, we set out to create a suite of core visual assets and storytelling guidelines that could be leveraged across mediums. Then, we put those assets to use in an international press blitz, letting the industry know that “The world’s about to have its next favorite airplane.”

The Work

strategy : public relations : international media planning : digital : collateral design : website

We designed a website full of CGI video, animations and photos to bring every aspect of the plane to life for potential customers.

The Results are in.


website engagements in first month


avg. click-through rate on display ads


was a high-flying success