Touching fans with the most iconic trophy in sports.

The Stanley Cup’s 125th anniversary was on the horizon, and the NHL was committed to doing something special to celebrate. It wanted inspiring films to play before the playoffs, and also to give fans a unique experience as a way to thank them for so many years of loyal fandom.

How We Did It The solution.

We invited a group of Pittsburgh Penguins season ticket holders to an exclusive VR experience. With the goggles on, they could view historical Stanley Cup footage in a 360-degree environment. What they did not know was that while they were inside the VR world, we brought in the real Stanley Cup to surprise them once they stepped back into the real world. The reactions were priceless.

The Work

broadcast : experiential : VR : social : 360 video

R&R also developed two broadcast spots, which ran during the run-up to the playoffs. We also shared an anthemic film on Facebook to the delight of the league’s 4 million-plus followers. The core of the story? A celebration of a “perfectly imperfect” trophy, the Stanley Cup, told from the perspective of the Cup itself.

The Results are in.

Within weeks of launch, earned media coverage of the campaign has been tremendous with 131 media outlets across the U.S. and Canada carrying the story. So far, the activation video has received more than 100,000 organic views.


Media Outlets


Organic Views


Tears of Joy