Putting a warm face on Nevada’s energy future.

It’s not easy being a public utility, even one that strives to be greener. Nobody likes “monopolies,” and every proposal that originates from a public utility is viewed with suspicion. But, the relationship between utilities and the communities they serve is a long game, and that’s why NV Energy and R&R have been working together for well over a decade to help bring cleaner, greener energy to Nevadans.

Our work started when NV Energy decided it was time to accelerate the retirement of its coal-fired power plants. Despite its responsible leadership, NV Energy was still met with incredible obstacles. The biggest: Would the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) approve the project? It needed its longtime marketing and advocacy partner R&R to get to work.

How We Did It The solution.

Right out of the gate, R&R Partners had a specific to-do list, designed to ensure that the company ended up on the right side of public perception. This included branding the project to give it easy public recognition; building support and consensus among the stakeholders; and finally, navigating the legislative process. R&R proposed a comprehensive public relations plan, including outreach to environmental groups and other allies. What was being called the “emissions reduction and capacity replacement plan” was rebranded as “NVision,” playing off of the NV Energy name and suggesting that Nevadans could at last envision a future of clean energy in the state. R&R would employ all the tools in our unique tool box to get the needed wins.

The Work

research : strategy : media planning & buying : broadcast : print : out of home : digital : public relations : government affairs

During the last two months of the legislative session, R&R and NV Energy negotiated with, compromised and explained NVision to supporters and opponents until a consensus bill emerged that allowed NV Energy to achieve its goals while ensuring that ratepayers and customers were protected. The coordinated campaign was an absolute success and NVision was passed.

But, our work was far from over. The advocacy team handed the baton to the marketing team to continue working on public perception issues and to drive community involvement efforts. The result, a campaign called “The Power of Good.”

We created a microsite to share facts about sustainable energy and show NV Energy’s commitment to the local Nevada communities they serve. The efforts continue to build momentum towards a better future.

The Results are in.

The NVision energy policy was enacted. Since then, Nevada has been touted as a leader in progressive energy policy and the public perception of the utility is up big.




satisfaction increase among Southern Nevadans over a two-year period