Building Genuine Connections with Honest Narratives

As consumers seek more genuine, emotional connections to brands and their offerings, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) faced a unique challenge. How could the LVCVA adapt the marketing tactics to be more relatable without compromising the brand’s promise of adult freedom? 

R&R Partners knew that an audience segmentation study would help to understand what motivates the Las Vegas visitor. Through this research, we identified two macro-consumer segment targets, “active” andpassive,” both of which are important. The former enjoys most of the typical activities associated with Las Vegas, while the latter looks for more self-indulgent or relaxing options. 

R&R used the research to develop a campaign of emotional and relatable stories that showcase an inclusive and expansive side of the destination called “Only Vegas Moments.” The message: Vegas isn’t just exciting, it’s empowering, no matter who you are and no matter why you come to the destination.

Only Vegas Moments represent cultural storylines that reinforce our iconic brand’s identity as the paramount purveyor of adult freedom while encouraging visitors to embrace unique only-in-Vegas moments of self-truth.

The four narrative videos received high favorability ratings, and general PR metrics for the campaign measured 52,8978,960 total impressions and a total publicity value of more than $1.6 million.



  • 900,000 pageviews
  • 5.5 minutes session length

Now and Then

  • YouTube: 11.9 million views, 28,000 likes and 1,997 comments, top 10 ad status/June 2018
  • Facebook: 1 million views, 1,000 shares, 708 comments and 3,600 likes

Party of One

  • YouTube: 8.4 million views

The Meet Up

  • YouTube: 1.8 million views (organic only)

The Anniversary

  • YouTube: 877,000 views (organic only)