Saving water is life ... especially when you live in a desert.

It turns out that being surrounded by a desert doesn’t mean people know how, or why, to conserve water. In Southern Nevada, billions of gallons of water were evaporating annually simply because residents weren’t inspired to change their landscape watering habits at critical times throughout the year.

How We Did It The strategy.

We started by researching the habits of people in the region in relationship to their water usage. People saw the greenbelts around their homes as an extension of their home pride without realizing how much they were soaking up our natural resources. We needed to change the tide on what it meant to be a dedicated and proud home owner.

The Work

research : strategy : media planning & buying : broadcast : print : out of home : digital : public relations : government affairs

Multiple campaigns, designed to either reduce water use during the compliance periods or encourage ongoing conservation in daily life, live under the umbrella of the water-smart positioning. They are grounded in benefits to individuals and their communities in the “value”—and “values”—of managing our limited natural resources.



gallons saved


of media target reached


reduction in water usage over 15 years