Inspiring people to quit smoking—or better yet, never start.

Experts claimed that Utah’s tobacco use rate of 10.3 percent was the lowest a state could ever hope to achieve and no amount of increased effort would yield a better result. Of course, those experts had never worked with R&R Partners. Our purpose and mission were set.

How We Did It The strategy.

In record time, we developed a new brand for the initiative and launched—a website featuring tools to help smokers quit and spread the word through social media. This modernized outreach effort allowed the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program to replace the underutilized quit line and overly technical online resources and, most importantly, gave people the information, tools and motivation they needed to quit, in the places it was most natural for them to respond. During this process, we brought two separate statewide campaigns together under one umbrella. In the next phase, we launched a campaign featuring a mix of TV, digital, outdoor and social, including an engaging conversation on the Way To Quit Facebook page.

The Work

research : strategy : broadcast : out of home : digital : websites : social : visual identity

For broadcast, we developed an animatic-testing protocol (a first for an anti-tobacco campaign) to distill the most effective messaging for the Utah audience.

And we took the campaign outdoors to reach smokers on the street.

The Results are in.

Response to the campaign was almost immediate. The Way To Quit website has received more than 5,000 monthly page views and the new Facebook page has over 10,000 likes. Not only is this a success by industry standards, these results represent thousands of Utah residents who were inspired to quit smoking and breathe easier.