Driving home a shared goal of zero St. Patrick’s Day alcohol-related fatalities.

Over the last five years, there have been 23 alcohol-related crashes in Utah on St. Patrick’s Day, placing it among the top three deadliest holidays in the state. In 2016, R&R set out to incorporate a persuasive DUI awareness message into the celebrations—without removing the fun.

How We Did It The strategy.

People go into bars to have fun. Being reminded not to drink and drive isn’t fun. Bar owners don’t want to say it. Bar customers don’t want to hear it. The news media has grown tired of reporting it. But we had a purpose, and were not going to be dissuaded. We had to find a way to create experiences in and around bars that were disruptive and interesting. And we needed it to be newsworthy enough to get the community talking.

The Work

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We gave people the experience of what it would be like to spend time in jail for getting a DUI.

On St. Patrick’s Day, between 7-10 p.m., law enforcement was on-hand at partnering bars alongside local actors who were transformed into living statues of the Saints of Sobriety: St. Haylor of Cab—saint of wise travelers; St. Cristyl O’Clearhead—saint of responsible drinking; and St. Alweis the Appointed—saint of designated drivers.

Those making a pledge to get home safely received a coin from law enforcement officers that, when deposited into the statue’s golden bowl, activated a performance by the living saint statue. To increase awareness, each bar also placed a stained-glass display of the Saints of Sobriety in a prominent place to increase mindshare and remind customers to find a safe way home.

And, of course, we intercepted folks coming down from the ski lifts to make sure they didn’t try to take on the canyon roads after hitting the mountaintop bars.

The Results are in.

For the first time ever, Utah had zero alcohol-related fatalities over the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. You read that right. On what had become one of the state’s deadliest days of the year, the state saw zero drunk driving deaths. Purpose, realized.

And the media ROI wasn’t too bad, either.


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