Helping a market leader build a brand for the future.

APX Alarm, one of the world’s largest home security firms, was at a crossroads. Its product line and services had outgrown its “Alarm” name in the face of rapid industry innovation. It needed to reposition itself and build a platform for the future in the fast-moving home automation market.

How We Did It The strategy.

R&R Partners first dug deeply into APX’s existing brand to determine which equities would successfully transfer to the new brand platform and the expanded business model. We then undertook comprehensive external research to arrive at a brand strategy that was broad enough to support the new products and services the company was evolving to in relation to the competitive set.

The Work

research : strategy : brand development : visual identity

R&R worked collaboratively with APX Alarm’s internal team to develop a bold new brand for the company. The new name, Vivint, is a combination of ‘vive,’ French for ‘life’ and ‘int,’ an abbreviation for intelligently—essentially “Live Intelligently.” This was supported by the tagline ‘Simply Smarter,’ which became both an external brand position and an internal rallying cry.

Once the new identity was established, we implemented a full redesign of every brand asset—from logo, signage and trucks to the website, uniforms and marketing materials. The entire project was completed end-to-end within four months of initiation.

The Results are in.

Vivint generated approximately $150 million in annual sales and was purchased by Blackstone two years after the rebranding for $2.1 billion—an 11x multiplier and the largest acquisition in the home automation category. The Vivint brand continues to lead its vertical as a multi-product, home automation company with thriving solar and home technology services in addition to its core home security offerings.