Expanding a Convention Center and building a World-class NFL Stadium.

Five weeks. Multiple constituents. One huge goal—make the improbable happen.

The Win Win Nevada Coalition needed a strategy to secure support from two-thirds of 63 Nevada state legislators to enable the governor to call a special legislative session to authorize and fund an expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center and construct a stadium to potentially bring the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas.

How We Did It The strategy.

With five weeks to pull off the seemingly impossible, R&R activated every tool in our kit to build public support and to influence the state legislators. While it was widely believed that the projects were necessary for Nevada’s continuing prosperity and to continue to compete with other tourism destinations, the public funding component had significant opposition both in the public and many in the Legislature. It was critical that we could generate public enthusiasm and communicate it effectively to lawmakers.

R&R’s government affairs team worked with Governor Sandoval, his advisers and his economic development director to craft an agenda for a special session and work out the details of public funding for the two very important projects. Simultaneously, the team worked with legislative leaders from both parties to negotiate the terms and conditions of support for both the convention center expansion and the stadium project. Financing terms were negotiated, community benefits impacts were considered, labor and employment goals were established, and legislation was drafted, redrafted and revised to accommodate each party’s needs.

The Work

research : strategy : media planning & buying : out of home : digital : websites : social : public relations : government affairs : visual identity : collateral

Our message was powerful: “a vote for the stadium was a vote for 40,000 construction jobs, an injection of $1.4 billion into the local economy, and an additional $32 million in education dollars annually.”

We created a simple bilingual website to collect public support.

Once the mission started building momentum that the expanded Convention Center was moving from idea to reality, the dream of getting the Raiders to Vegas was looking better every day.

The Results Are in.

In this high-stakes sprint, the results were black and white; either win or lose. We won for our client! R&R secured support from two-thirds of 63 Nevada state legislators to enable the governor to call a special session. They passed the two bills to fund the expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center and construction of a new stadium.

Now we’re looking forward to welcoming Raider Nation to Vegas.


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