R&R Partners DIGITAL DIGEST December 11, 2018

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Social engagement: Instagram on top

Instagram is surpassing Facebook in terms of engagement levels. Socialbakers, which analyzed over 10 billion pieces of social content, reported that Instagram is a preferred channel for brands. Contrastingly, the company found that, on Facebook, the average number of interactions among the top 500 global brands fell nearly 50 percent in 2018.

The big driver behind Instagram’s increasing engagement: Influencers and Stories. It’s predicted that by 2020, influencer marketing could become a $10 billion market. The Stories feature gives brands the ability to reach their audience in a place where they are actively consuming media. While the Stories feature is also available on Facebook, the Instagram version has a one up with over 400 million daily users accessing the feature. While as of May 2018, Facebook Stories had roughly 150 million daily users.

Blockchain tech and the fight for transparency in the ad space

Nearly 80 percent of programmatic buyers lack transparency in the media buying process. Further, according to Adjust, mobile ad fraud has doubled between 2017 and 2018. With these concerns at the forefront of the media landscape, new tech solution, Blockchain, is being considered as a solution to fight ad fraud.

While there are still a few concerns with blockchain tech, the technology can revolutionize transparency. Suspicious transactions can be flagged easier, and the public blockchain can blacklist the threat. To learn more about the future of ad tech and blockchain, click here. As fraud and data mistrust become more common, the need for a solution like blockchain will increase.

Are your ads being blocked?

One in four U.S. internet users block ads, according to an eMarketer report. Ad blocking is common among teens and young adults. However, the ad blocking trend isn’t growing as quickly as once predicted.

Many users block ads because they negatively impact their digital media experience. Users can feel overwhelmed by the mass number of ads they are served and find ads that obstruct their content viewing annoying.

However, users aren’t annoyed with relevant ads geared toward them and their interests. But here’s the catch − consumers are becoming increasingly cautious with their data, making it even more difficult for ads to be specific to the user. In conclusion, a majority of internet users expect a relevant ad experience but would like to share less of their data.

Glossary: Relevance score

Relevance score: The relevance score, which can be found in Ad Words as well as Facebook, is calculated based on the interactions it receives from users. The more positive interactions an ad receives, the higher the score, 10 being the highest score possible and one being the lowest.

Buzzword: Omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing: a multichannel sales approach that provides a customer with an integrated shopping experience. The customer can be shopping from a mobile phone or computer, as well as in store, and the shopping experience is seamless across “channels.”