R&R Partners DIGITAL DIGEST January 15, 2019

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Spotify Pushing Play on New Ad Space

Spotify is pushing play on sponsorships for its “Discovery Weekly” feature. The featured playlist has been on the streaming service for years and was off-limits to ad placements until now. Marketers will have the opportunity to place audio and video ads within the playlist. Microsoft will be the first company to sponsor the playlist.

The Discovery Weekly playlist is ad supported for those who have a free Spotify subscription, meaning the ads will play during commercial breaks. The feature is updated once a week and is personalized based on users’ listening habits.

Spotify is working to build out its advertising business to generate more revenue from an ad-supported standpoint. Nearly half of Spotify’s 200 million active users pay for ad-free listening, and Spotify is working to capitalize on its free listening services.

“Hey, Alexa!” − Voice Is an Upcoming Trend for 2019

What if your car or oven could respond to you when you speak to them? Well, that’s where the future is heading. Voice is going beyond Amazon Alexa in 2019 with Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and others transforming the voice platform. One of the biggest themes coming out of CES this year is voice-supported electronics. We’re talking about cars, appliances and other everyday electronics becoming voice activated in 2019.

Voice-enabled technology is becoming more than just playing music and turning on electronics. The future of voice is voice-controlled cruise control in your car, and ovens that heat to a specific temperature with your voice command. Devices will be able to take commands and execute tasks. Voice control is the future and will transform people’s everyday experiences and interactions with brands.

Hulu’s Increasing Ad Rev & Subscribers

2018 was good to Hulu’s ad business. The video streaming service ended the year with 45 percent growth in ad revenue over 2017, raking in nearly $1.5 billion in ad revenue this year. That wasn’t the only increase for the company in 2018; subscribers also increased by 8 million from 2017, bringing the total of Hulu users to 25 million.

Hulu provided insight into viewer habits, stating that subscribers spent 20 percent more time on the platform compared to a year ago. While Hulu Live TV subscribers spent nearly 50 percent of their time watching on-demand or recorded programming.

Glossary: Personally identifiable information (PII)

Personally identifiable information (PII): any information that can be used to identify a person, such as name; SSN; birth date; or medical, financial and educational records. Any data that can be used to deanonymize someone is considered PII information.

Buzzword: Hearables

Hearables: Smart headphones that are tech advanced. They are electronic in-ear devices designed for multiple purposes including communication, fitness tracking and more. Think Airpods but cooler.