R&R Partners DIGITAL DIGEST November 28, 2017

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Brands Must Grasp the Digitally Driven Consumer Journey or Risk Becoming Prey

“Digital transformation has shifted from the back room to the front room. And the front room is about user experience.”

Within this piece, written by Marty Swant, “digital transformation” is the buzzword. Swant gives examples of companies doing it right, companies like Levi’s. The transformation of Levi’s has changed how it advertises, sells, styles and services its customers. A few examples: hosting hackathons, designing an internet-connected jacket with Google, and using an AI to understand and personalize the shopping experience.

So, what is digital transformation?

It goes beyond the marketing and advertising side of things. A mobile app is no longer enough. The answer isn’t the same for everyone – it is about understanding your product, your consumer, the path to purchase, and everything else in between. Saneel Radia, EVP and global head of consulting at R/GA, says it best. “Companies need to increase their appetite for risk if they’re going to stay ahead of the curve.”

Thoughts by Alyssa DeSangro, Sr. Media Planner/Buyer

Are Podcast Super Listeners Audio Advertising’s Next Sweet Spot?

Adweek takes a look at the insane consumption and loyalty of podcast “super listeners,” finding that listeners are 96 percent more likely to recommend podcasts to their friends. Loyal listeners are also 33 percent more likely to trust information presented on a podcast. Each month, about 67 million people are tuning into podcasts, giving the space a viable reach in the audio space. This opens up doors for marketers to align brands with relevant podcasts, as 75 percent of listeners do end up taking action after exposure to a brand in this medium. If you’re sick of the standard audio spot/display unit (cough cough Pandora and Spotify), podcasts are the new social influencers in the audio-sphere.

Thoughts by Riley Deang, Assistant Media Planner/Buyer

Breaking Down a Buzzword: Machine Learning

Machine learning is a subfield of computer science that, according to AI pioneer Arthur Samuel, “gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.” It can enable a computer to recognize patterns without you having to specifically program it.

Over time, machine learning has received more and more attention from companies as it has the power to greatly optimize their processes. Companies are already collecting a lot of data, but many lack the knowledge of how to use it efficiently for future decisions. Machine learning can help them get answers to their questions. To analyze the patterns, you always need to train the algorithm with a sample data set.

Broken down by Sara Geary, Media Planner/Buyer

Media Terminology: Scale

A term used to identify the audience reach that’s available to marketers against specific targeting parameters. If the targeting is broad, the scale of available inventory will be much larger than if your targeting is geared toward reaching a smaller, more niche audience.