R&R Partners DIGITAL DIGEST November 29, 2017

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BMW is First to Test Snapchat’s New AR Lens

Snapchat is set to release a new AR (augmented reality) trial lens and BMW is using it to test and promote its new X2 model. Users will be able to interact with the 3-D model as if they were in an actual showroom. A BMW rep said, “We wanted to insert ourselves in an organic way into the Snapchat environment and its users’ world. That is the most meaningful way to address our fans in a style that fits the channel and the target group.”

Coming from the organic lens, this brand is definitely doing it right: showcasing an already visually attractive product with the newest digital product, AR. Snapchat claims that the interactive lens brings a 6-point lift in brand awareness and a 3.4 lift in action intent. It would be interesting to see post performance and what Snapchat will do next.

Thoughts by Tara Martinez, Social Media Manager

Meredith Acquiring Time Inc. to Become Digital Giant?

Meredith Corp. announced that it will acquire Time Inc. in a deal totaling $2.8 billion, backed by the Koch brothers. This acquisition brings together two companies that have long courted different audiences, seeking readerships that mirror the places they call home.

What does this merger between two traditional media titans have to do with digital? This $2.8B deal further emphasizes the growth and influence that digital media has over the marketplace. Time Inc. originally was reluctant to merging, but the pressure to navigate in the digital space to get into digital leadership positions ultimately was too much, and the two companies have decided they are better off joining forces in hopes of growing their audience among younger consumers. Together, Meredith and Time Inc. have 174 million unique visitors, putting them at number six among the largest digital media entities in the U.S. per comScore. Will Meredith and Time Inc. prove to be “greater in numbers” and pool resources to develop more sophisticated digital strategies, or will their lack of experience and clash of cultures lead to a huge flop? Stay tuned!

Thoughts by Kendra Tang, Assistant Media Planner

Breaking Down a Buzzword: Ephemeral Data

This data is not stored and is meant to disappear after a user views it. The best example of ephemeral data would be Snapchat’s video/image messaging. The content the user is sending is supposed to automatically delete after the recipient views the video or image. There are new features that allow you to replay the message, however, it ultimately goes away unless the recipient takes a screenshot.

Broken down by Chris Ortwein, Paid Social Media Specialist

Media Terminology: CPV & CPCV

CPV = cost per view, while CPCV = cost per completed view. A “view” can be five seconds, like on YouTube, while a “completed view” is to the video’s entirety, regardless of length. The lower the better!