R&R Partners DIGITAL DIGEST October 16, 2018

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Goodbye Google+

Google’s attempt to enter the world of social networking, Google+, is getting the axe after Google leaked private user information. The incident allowed for hundreds of thousands of Google+ users to have their personal data exposed. The exposure of data was caused by a glitch in the Google+ app that caused the leak.

Google didn’t report the security issue when it happened for fear of reputation damage and possible regulatory repercussions. Rather, the company fixed the incident “quietly” without going public. Which didn’t work out very well. In a world where internet privacy is of the upmost importance, Google could face consequences perhaps in the form of hefty fines.

Digital Video Is on the Rise

According to eMarketer, ad spending for digital video has increased 30 percent this year and will continue to increase. Of the total U.S. digital ad spending, digital video makes up 25 percent of spending, including digital video on social platforms.

Among the social platforms, Facebook and Instagram will be the most popular video ad spending social platforms. The two social powerhouses will take up 24.5 percent of all video ad spending in the U.S., which totals to $6.81 billion in ad spending on the platforms. Facebook controls almost 87 percent of U.S. social video ad spending.

See how other platforms square up when it comes to video ad revenues.

Instagram Stories Becoming a Picture Perfect Ad Tool for Advertisers

More and more brands are taking the plunge with ad promotions on Instagram Stories. Here are a few things to know before taking the Instagram Stories leap.

On average, brands see a 72 percent completion rate on their Instagram Stories.

  • The stories with the highest completion rate involved sports, brands and entertainment. When creating Instagram Stories, it is important to keep the audience in mind. These categories may have the highest completion rates because of the loyal, engaged audiences they serve.

Posts that aren’t Stories have nearly 3x more reach.

  • This is based on analytics from a study that collected data on over 5,000 Stories. However, the lack of reach can be offset by the engagement factor behind stories.

Buying Instagram Stories ads can be cheaper than buying Facebook newsfeed ads.

  • During the first half of 2018, the average CPM for Instagram Stories was $4.91, according to an analysis of social ad spending.

Millennials are more likely to watch Instagram Stories.

Roughly 68 percent of millennials on the Instagram platform watch Instagram Stories. Comparatively, 49 percent of millennial Snapchat users watch Stories.

Glossary: Real-time Bidding (RTB)

RTB: Often facilitated by supply-side platforms or ad exchanges, real-time bidding is the buying and selling of online ad impressions through a real-time auction.

Buzzword: CCPA

CCPA: The California Consumer Privacy Act was passed by the state of California in response to consumer data privacy concerns. CCPA will focus exclusively on data collection and privacy. Learn more about how it will impact advertisers here.