R&R Partners DIGITAL DIGEST October 24, 2017

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U.S. Is Cracking Down on Political Digital Ads

In an effort to improve transparency for online political ads, U.S. lawmakers are expected to file the “Honest Ads Act.” This comes in an effort to prevent foreign influence in any future political elections. The goal of the bill is to require digital political ads to adhere to the same standards of transparency as traditional formats like TV and radio. This bill follows after Google, Facebook and Twitter disclose information that ad accounts in Russia purchased ads that were focused on hot-button issues.

Though this is something that can be beneficial to any country’s political elections, it might backlash as other governments see the U.S. trying to censor. Other questions to ask is how the government will plan to filter these ads, and whether other countries will retaliate by making it difficult to advertise in their own countries.

Thoughts by Jennie Anderson, Media Planner/Buyer

Snapchat’s Polarizing Trends

In the digital space, we’ve been keeping a close eye on Snapchat to see how things are trending, who is using it, and what the next evolution of the product will contain. A new study has shown (and it’s no surprise, especially for you parents out there) that nearly half of U.S. teens now prefer Snapchat over any other social media platform. In spring 2015, Snapchat found itself at the bottom rank of all social media platforms, then grew to 39 percent back in spring, and is now sitting at about 47 percent for the fall.

And even though Instagram has been ripping off Snapchat’s core products and features, this still hasn’t affected the teen user demographic. (It has, however, eaten away at Snapchat’s new user numbers across all demographics.)

Conversely, the Influencer space continues to trend away from Snapchat. A study performed by Mediakix found that the “Stories” usage among influencers declined by 33 percent over a six-month period that ended in August. It also found that these influencers were using Instagram Stories, the aforementioned copycat product, twice as much as the Snapchat Stories.

Thoughts by Michael Catalano, Media Supervisor

Snapchat Downsizes Again

Snapchat stories are in for teens, Instagram stories are in for everyone. This is something many of us have already started to notice, but it’s becoming more and more apparent. Business Insider reported that Snap Inc. fired 18 employees in its recruiting division. The company confirmed, but didn’t give any more details. Snapchat also had a very underwhelming last quarter generating $181.7 million, which was lower than what Wall Street had projected. It will be interesting to see if Snapchat can step out of Instagram’s shadow, or if it will become a thing of the past.

Thoughts by Jacki Dinger, Assistant Media Planner/Buyer

Breaking Down a Buzzword: Cross-device graph

Technology that allows companies to target the same user across multiple devices (computer, tablet, mobile). Probabilistic modeling as opposed to deterministic, enabling programmatic buys that don’t benefit from deterministic data sets to scale while implementing more accurate frequency caps against unique users and tell consistent narratives across the board.

Broken down by Thomas Atkins, Digital Media Supervisor

Media Terminology: Flighting

Referring to what months/weeks/etc., that a media campaign will run.