Originally Published by Phoenix Business Journal.

Scott MurrayJustin Allen and, Matt Silverman are at the forefront of the virtual reality wave that is popular in advertising and marketing.

The trio work for the R&R Partners advertising agency and have produced virtual reality programs and spots for the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup playoffs, Boeing Co. and promoting tourism to Las Vegas.

R&R is based in Vegas but has a big office in Phoenix and that is also the base of growing virtual reality work, Silverman said.

Silverman is managing director of R&R’s Phoenix office and an agency vice president.

Allen is a senior designer for brand engagement in Phoenix and Murray is group creative director.

Murray said the key to VR and advertising and marketing is to use the medium to help the story and engage users and consumers and not just to use new technology.

“For it to be impactful it has to help you enhance your story,” Murray said.

Murray said VR experiences and advertising can reach wider audiences than just millennials and youth as long as they’re accessible and have a meaningful message. He said there is a lot of trial and error in the medium but the agencies and brands that don’t explore it risk getting left behind.

The advertising agency’s latest campaign is for the National Hockey League promoting the Stanley Cup Playoffs and trophy.

“It’s the most iconic trophy in sports, in the world,” said Allen.

The ads are running as the Pittsburgh Penguins and Nashville Predators battle in the Stanley Cup finals and get ready for Game 6 in their seven-game series.

One of the advertising spots R&R produced for the NHL entails having Pittsburgh fans view the Stanley Cup on ice via virtual reality. But then longtime keeper of the Cup Phil Pritchard bring the actual trophy out for Penguins fans to see and touch.

R&R has also produced two more ads for the NHL promoting the Stanley Cup. Check them out here and here.

Murray sports and VR work well together because they offer fans a chance to be on the ice or field or court to experience what the players are.

Silverman said R&R has done project work for the NHL in the past but these ads not only help bolster the firm’s sports marketing and advertising credentials but also further show its abilities with virtual reality (VR).

R&R has already done VR work for Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority via an app for tourists.

The agency also does virtual reality programs for Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA). That includes a new 360 tour of the aerospace’s production and manufacturing center in Renton, Washington.

You can see the new program here. Boeing’s Renton plant produces all its Boeing 737 airplanes.

R&R has also put together a virtual reality experience for the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field. That effort is done in conjunction with Cox Communications.

Allen said its is the largest VR experience in Major League Baseball.