These are the tools of our trade.

It’s been said that it takes 10,000 hours to master a craft. We agree. And we know that when you take a small army of experts, and align their passions with a common purpose, the most impossible ideas will become a reality. That’s what drives us.

What do U.S. consumers want from Latin-American brands? What connections do they have to these brands? And, how do they perceive product origins? Our research will help Latin-American brands (or even perceived-to-be Latin-American brands) understand their current position in the consumer landscape, as well as the key differentiators that set them apart from American brands.

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We partner with clients to grow their business and to help them achieve their wildest goals. To do this effectively we focus on uncovering insights that are deep, true and actionable—and then we build creative strategies on top of them.


Our brand teams are built to find the win for our clients. That’s why we engage as partners. We spend budgets like it’s our own money. We spend our team’s time focused on the right objectives. And we do it with the uncanny ability to keep our eye on the goal while making the journey fun.


A cornerstone to our clients’ success is getting the right data and drilling down to uncover actionable insights. This is the team that fuels our strategy, and frames up the outcomes that we can predictably achieve and measure.


With true insights, we craft strategic plans that yield measurable results. From content and channel strategy to brand and campaign planning, our strategists build the bridge to culture-shifting creative.


Our goal is to connect with people. Stir their emotions. Inspire them. And move them to action. It’s about growing ideas that shift culture and get people talking. Laughing. Crying. Sharing. Buying.


Documentaries to snaps. Poetry to political positioning. Ads to aerospace brochures. Our writing core lives to craft a compelling story—in any medium.


In an increasingly visually driven world, this talented team has helped us win every award we could dream of by turning spaces into experiences and screens into windows of the imagination.


Our interactive group pushes the boundaries every day in a world where data, art, technology and content collide. From websites and applications to virtual and augmented reality, our team’s passion is to create branded experiences that move people.


Anything we dream up, our studios will bring to life. If it needs to be built, filmed, edited, etched, live-streamed, danced, painted, or 3-D printed—our production crews are chomping at the bit. Bring it on!


The media world continues to evolve with increasing velocity. Each day, there are new channels with fresh mediums, where people can increasingly ignore ads. That’s why we approach the market with a publisher’s mindset and focus on creating captivating content, where people would want to spend time. Relevant to the audience. Native to the channel.


From traditional media to programmatic, we use comprehensive planning tools with a focus on effectiveness. Our platform partnerships with companies such as Google and Facebook give us unique insights and opportunities to reach audiences more organically, delivering the greatest return on budgets of all sizes.


We believe that content is valuable, and we treat our branded content that way. Whether it’s created by us, influencers or the brand’s fans—we help it find a receptive audience.


We grow communities around the brands and clients we serve. On social platforms. Through events. VIP clubs. Meet-ups. Or simply folks who have clicked to subscribe to a newsletter. We build community around shared interests and fuel it with relevant, sharable content.


R&R works with “influencers” of all shapes and sizes. From celebrities to scientists, bloggers to Snapchatters. Finding and pairing the right ambassadors for an initiative is the art. Leveraging their reach as a media channel is the science.


It’s the role of our advocacy team to see, and help navigate, the total landscape for our clients. Our deep relationships with industry leaders, policymakers, government and the media allow us to connect the dots in ways most agencies cannot.


Whether persuading the electorate, educating public officials and news media, helping clients improve their image, communicating in a crisis, building and mobilizing coalitions, or obtaining regulatory and legislative resolution, our seasoned, bipartisan and talented team of government and public affairs experts deliver the win for our clients.


Strategic thinking rooted in deep editorial relationships. Precision event chops. Intuitive influencer activations. A hunger to reach out and grab the headline. Our PR team brings brands to life through the audience’s lens.