GWI Coronavirus Research July 2020

Description: Globalwebindex releases a fifth wave of coronavirus consumer-based research.

GWI continues to conduct research across 18 countries to assess trends in consumer beliefs and behaviors related to coronavirus. Overall trends in this wave of research showed a uniform belief that the virus is going to last longer than consumers originally anticipated. The second wave of the virus is concerning, and optimism is beginning to fall.

  • Delaying big purchases remains the most common financial response to the crisis; 80% globally say they are doing this.
  • Globally, 50% expect to shop online more frequently after the outbreak is over.
  • Almost 3 in 4 think it’s more important than before the outbreak for companies to behave more sustainably.
  • Views about reopening large indoor venues are polarized; 4 in 10 support this, but the same number oppose it.
  • Vacation plans for the next year are dominated by domestic vacations (48%) and local staycations (32%).