The 2020 Sprout Social Index

Sprout Social surveyed social marketers and consumers to understand how marketers are setting goals and what’s expected from brands. R&R Partners encourages all our clients to start with the audience learnings first and then marry the platform’s best practices to drive the strongest performance by channel.

Some of the key findings include:

  • Marketers struggle to create social strategies to support overall business goals.
  • Marketers need to dig deeperinto the platforms’ data to understand their audiences.
    • Only 23% of social marketers use social data to measure ROI and 16% use social data for competitive insights.
  • Consumers want to be engaged and entertained before they buy.
  • Facebook continues to dominate the social landscape,but Gen Zers plan to use more visual social platforms (e.g., IG, YT, TikTok)
  • Brands are only scratching the surface of what social can do.
  • Sixty-eight percent of consumers say they prefer to interact with images, while 50% like to engage with video content.(full breakdown below) 

Find the full index here.