US Ecommerce to Rise Despite Pandemic

While total retail growth should decline, e-commerce is predicted to grow in 2020.

As the reality of quarantines hit small brick and mortar businesses across the country, the U.S. realized a steep decline of retail growth due to pandemic protocols. eMarketer predicts growth as follows:

  • 5% decline in total U.S. retail
  • 14% decline in brick and mortar retail
  • 18% increase in e-commerce retail

The full U.S. e-commerce 2020 report from eMarketer details predictions and trends that have been impacted by COVID-19. Key highlights are below, and the full report is available to subscribers at the link.

  • E-commerce growth is impacted by number of buyers as well as their average spending.
  • Trusted retailers will see higher growth than average.
  • E-commerce is largely driven by click to collect and curbside pickup.
    • Click to collect specifically is anticipated to grow toward $58B.