Week of April 27 – Coronavirus Search Trends

Insightful Searches and Unexpected Trends


  • More people continue to look for creative ways to adapt and spend their time at home.
    • “Banana Bread” is the most searched recipe in all of U.S., compared to the previous month.
    • Searches for “drive-by graduation party ideas” increased 3x week over week.
    • “Pizza”-related searches reached an all-time high worldwide.
  • More people are turning to search for information and updates on government responses.
    • Searches for “phase 1 reopening Texas” increased 1,400% on 4/28.
    • “Should rent be cancelled” spiked 900% on the last day of April, compared to the previous day.
    • “Are California beaches closed” increased by 400% on May 1.
  • More people are looking for answers around the globe as to when they’ll be able to travel again.
    • Search interest for “countries with no coronavirus” increased 4x week over week in the U.S.
    • “When will flights resume U.K.” was a hot topic in the U.K., with search interest increasing 1,350% month over month.
    • “Quando potremo viaggiare” or “when can we travel?” became a breakout term in Italy compared to the previous month.

Google, Schema and Axios have also developed a new data visualization tool that allows you to explore some of the patterns in our search of information around COVID-19: https://searchingcovid19.com/