Week of May 11 − Coronavirus Search Trends

Insightful Searches and Unexpected Trends


  • More people are turning to search for answers (and inspiration) to help deal with ever-increasing uncertainty.
    • Search interest around “quarantine fatigue” nearly doubled week over week.
    • Searches for “positive quotes during quarantine” doubled month over month as well.
    • “When will a vaccine be ready for the public” became a hot topic, increasing 450% week over week in the U.S.
  • More people continue to look for creative ways to adapt and keep moving forward with their lives …
    • Search interest around “summer holidays canceled” increased 900% worldwide.
    • Search for “hobbies to pick up during quarantine” increased 400% week over week.
    • “Graduate Together 2020 website” increased 5,000% week over week, becoming a breakout topic of conversation in the U.S.
  • … as well as ways to continue moving forward with their careers.
    • Searches for “virtual internships” reached an all-time high across then world.
    • “Sneeze guards for the office” became a breakout search topic of conversation.
    • Searches for “Twitter jobs” increased 4,750% on 5/13 in the U.S., compared to the previous day.


Also, for the first time since the end of February, the top search topic of interest in the U.S. was something other than coronavirus: