Powering a stronger country and a more sustainable future.

The energy and utilities sectors strive to create innovative ways to use natural resources efficiently and effectively. At the same time, they deal with some of the most diverse and contentious policy debates in recent history. Staying ahead of this rapidly evolving marketplace requires a communications firm that knows these industries from the inside out.

R&R Partners’ energy and utilities portfolio runs the gamut from electric, oil and gas, to solar, water and mining—where much of our energy begins. Our depth of experience gives us a firm understanding of the unique pressures and public scrutiny these companies face and their need to communicate clearly and strategically to the customers, shareholders and regulators who rely on them.

In the light-speed climate of social media and the voracious 24/7 news cycle, companies that do business in the public eye must not only build, but also protect their brands. The seamless integration of our disciplines accomplishes this in powerful ways.

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